Soketi: 30% performance increase with ARM Docker images

Soketi: 30% performance increase with ARM Docker images

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Alex Renoki
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Starting with soketi 0.27.0, official images for the ARM architecture are available to run Soketi on.

Soketi is your simple, fast, and resilient open-source WebSockets server that is free, open-source, and can run in production at scale. ๐Ÿ“ฃ Read more about Soketi on the presentation post.

In benchmarks, we tried to send 1 message per second for 500 concurrent users, half of them connecting and disconnecting, on average, about every 5-10 seconds to simulate high traffic, while the other half sits patiently on the server without interacting. It took ~ 39ms of processing on average to deliver the message to the end-user (network overhead was not included).

In the ARM benchmarking, it took ~ 27ms of processing. Compared with the Linux x64 Docker containers, this translates to 30% better performance.

ARM-based architecture can be found in many devices, like mobile phones, IoT devices, or even AWS's Graviton2 EC2 instances. The ARM architecture is made for low-consumption devices, and it also comes with a performance boost compared with other architectures. (like x64)

You can now deploy a Pusher-compatible, fast, resilient, and free WebSockets server on edge with Raspberry Pi, in AWS's Graviton instances, or any general device that can run Docker.

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