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πŸ‘‹ Henlo, I'm Alex Renoki.

I'm working on free, open-source projects. Because I got too much free time. πŸ‘¦

I'm also providing dedicated support for Laravel, Kubernetes and cloud infrastructure (AWS, Google Cloud Platform). See the entire stack and schedule a meeting ➑

Some of my works include:

Some of services I offer:

  • 1on1, pair programming for Laravel/Laravel Zero apps, infrastructure and compliance solutions in AWS, Google Cloud Platform or other cloud providers (for individuals)
  • Design, Implementation, Support and/or Migration for/to cloud applications (for teams)
  • Dedicated support for open-source packages at Renoki Co. and other Renoki Co. subsidiaries

Schedule an appointment ➑

Subsidiaries: Renoki Games., soketi, opsie

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